Enable Menu Modal at custom Breakpoint

I am trying to activate the menu modal by custom breakpoint. I see that <nav> has an attribute added when reaching the Cwicly Breakpoints of is modal="true"
I would like to activate the modal for a certain page by another custom breakpoint I have set with SCSS. But at this point I think the only way is through js.

Am I best just building a standard modal with trigger?

I would like to trigger the menu modal ‘Event Options’ at the custom breakpoint of 1160px

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @Araminta and @Louis I was curious if there is a work around for this.

Hi @hopscotch,

Thank you for bringing this up!
Sorry for not responding sooner.

It isn’t currently possible to activate the Nav block’s modal at a custom breakpoint, as a lot of CSS and JS is based on a specific logic.

For the moment, yes.

I’ll move this thread to Feature Requests, so the team and I can keep track of it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ok then no worries I hope to see that implemented at some point.

That would be a useful addition :+1:

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Agreed, this will go perfectly with: