Elements global settings improvements


I recently heard that icons were a better solution than labels for memorizing layouts :wink:

So it would be nice and more consistent if the icons layout in global settings was the same as block inspector design tab, so that we can mouse-jump to the same location regardless of.

Besides, I wish there was a modification indicator and a relative style tab, like for blocks.

Block inspector:


Global settings:


Hey @yankiara.

This will be addressed asap.

Interesting. I wonder why itโ€™s missing for the valid blocks/elements.

Good point which I think has more weight in this case than saving some space in the editor.
Especially when the modification indicator gets added it gets squeezed even more.
In case RS will also find its to the global elements, it needs to be changed anyway.

Hello @yankiara,

Thanks for the suggestions, which have mostly been added in

The logic behind Relative Styling has not been applied to Global Elements as they differ in some ways. This is definitely something weโ€™ll be adding in the near future.