Efficiently Move Block Styles to Global Class (And Remove block styles from Element)

Apologies if this is buried deep within an existing post - but I can’t seem to find one that meets my exact question.

If I pull - for instance - a button over from the Cwicly library and I want to move all block styles applied to that button over to a Global class (so I can reuse in other areas) - what is the most efficient (or correct) way to do this?

Today, I am doing the following:

  1. Create new Global Class and apply to Element
  2. Copy Element Styles using the navigation context menu
  3. Paste Element Styles to the Global Class
  4. Manually remove each style setting that was previously applied to the Element block (so they are not duplicated between the block and the Global Class)

Step #4 is the step I am struggling with - I don’t see a different way to clear out all existing block styles on the Element without doing them one-by-one. Is there a more efficient means to clearing them all out?


This is one area that hasn’t been super clear for me either.

I can help you with #4 though. With the new Quick Code editor (Quick Code - Documentation), you can just view the code for the block, select all > delete, and all the block styling will be gone :slight_smile:

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Good point! Love that new Quick Code editor!

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Yes a single button to perform all this would be welcome :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if you don’t need it outside the edited post, renaming the block class could do the trick :wink:

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Agree. Something like cut/paste feature. Remove the style as soon as the style is pasted on the global class or default class, or copy/paste the style - 1 action to remove the styles from a class(default or global).