Editor vs Preview Not Matching

Not sure if this is a bug or a me thing, but the editor and live preview are showing me two different things. I’ve also noticed that my global settings (typography styles and colours) aren’t saving.

The Design Library is also being a bit buggy, I can only see some previews of the designs.

I’ve not set up any template parts etc and I’m working on a draft page not published, if those details matter in any way! I’m also using Safari, not Chrome.

Also, are there any updated tutorials on how to get started with Cwicly (e.g. creating your header and footer, setting up your homepage, etc)? I’m finding the Youtube tutorials to be outdated and documentation not as thorough as the videos.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello @jayda,

As Cwicly generates external stylesheets for posts and templates, you will have to publish the post you’re editing to see styles take effect on the frontend (you can mark it as private if you wish).

Can you let me know if this resolves the issue you’re experiencing?