Editing Header model: Tinto Navigation

I try to edit a model of header.

The main section online:

For the class: “section-c9a283d”
Display online: “relative”. Backend: “” (empty)
z-index online: “1”. Backend: “” (empty)
And I do not find where to change backend: box-shadow: 0px 10px 25px 0px #00ff9d99;

It is a ridle, can you help me please

I think this shouldn’t be the case.
Did you double check?
Is it a section from the library?

Just tested with the Tinto Navigation and when removing the z-index and the position property, they also get removed on front-end. Can’t verify your issue.

Thank you @Marius
Yes, it is a fresh install of Wordpress and the Tinto navigation section is directly imported from models.

Here is a link to access website:

The template:

The page:
Front Page – SmatchCard

I use the template “frontpage” to inform customers that the site will be online soon.

PS: thank you for the box-shadow

What’s the actual issue you are facing?
Just checked everything inside your templates and for me, there are no issues.
Neither in your frontpage template, nor in your index template.

Z-index and position property reflect exact the values which has been set.
In this case, these are the default ones, when imported - like you can see on the image in your initial post.



You are right @Marius
Everything runs and there is no issue! I was tired yesterday evening and saw issue where there was not.
Really sorry bothered you and kept your time with that.

I couln’t find out how to set the box-shadow because of a display bug (I think).
I opened a bug new topic named Display of values in Design>Borders>Shadows with a screenshot.
When I wa looking for the settings, the fields were empty.

Again, my bad! The display switch automaticaly to tablet when I opened the navigator and I didn’t seen that.
I always must check that before editing and I think it will rapidely become a pain in the ass!

Hey @weedor,
good to hear you were able to sort it out. No worries, always happy to help.

Just 1-2 things I want to mention.

This is a public forum.
If you post a login link to your site, everyone can use it. This is not a clever idea.
Giving backend access should always be the last option when all other possibilities are exhausted.
The only party you can fully trust here, in case you are looking for Cwicly related support, is the Cwicly team itself. No one else.
In case you still want to give someone else access, I recommend sending details via PM and only if it’s necessary. In most cases it isn’t.

Why is this important?
You’ll never find out what people will do inside your backend.
Injecting malicious code or grabbing your Cwicly (or other SaaS plugins) license keys - it’s just the start from an extensive list.

You also shouldn’t add users, giving them an email address, which is linked to a domain you don’t own.
For obvious reasons, this should be avoided in general.
In addition, this could give people who randomly login through these public links the impression that the user you added is part of the company of the domain you used.
This could lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

Hope that makes sense.

You are right: I know that part for link to backend and I did it because I knew I will make a full reinstall (already done)of Wordpress. And to be frank, I don’t know how to send a PM in discourse.
I note the concern of email adress and will be more careful in future.
Thank you @Marius for these precious advices.