Dynamic Preview

Hi all…
I made a custom template for a single post, set some rules (show only on some specific categories).
Perfecy on the front end but I cant switch the dynamic preview from the only choise avaiable, CURRENT ITEM.
I’m missing somwthing? how can I set a dynamic view for a single template for a specific post?

Hi @emanuelechiari,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this.

The Dynamic Preview doesn’t show any option to choose from since it allows you to type in your desired content. So be sure to type in your desired post.

Be sure to check out this video, in which I demonstrate this.

Please let me know if this helps.

Yes I’ve missed to type the post name, I was just waiting to se a list where chose the post name.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, I made this exact same mistake.

There should probably be a UI prompt that says type to search for a page. :slight_smile:

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