Dynamic Post Content not showing line breaks

I’ve created a page for events with dynamic data fed in per event:

Everything seems to work, except for the line breaks that are there in the Wordpress content editor OR ACF Wysiwyg editor. I’ve tried both and when linking them into the event page (with both the Cwicly ‘Post Content’ and non-Cwicly ‘Post Content,’ as well as Cwicly ‘Paragraph’ and non-Cwicly ‘Paragraph’ (linking them to dynamic ACF data).

Would someone know how to do this?
I know that I could solve it by adding HTML tags but I want to make it super simple for my client

I found out that a Shift+Enter twice does the trick and ensures a line break is shown, but if I were honest I would still prefer just being able to show a normal Enter. So I’m still very curious if anyone has a solution

@boris did you see that thread?

might be the same issue discussed there…

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i didn’t see that thread, but read through it now. thank you. it seems more people are having this issue

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i’ve created a bug topic for this. maybe it’s something that should go right but is going wrong