Dynamic Inserter Requests

Hey team,

As I start to work through Cwicly, I am noticing myself modify blocks with filters quiet a bit in places where I feel the dynamic inserter UI should be present.


Custom Function Query Option, you should be able to pass from current block state whether its from the source block, or parent block.

Attributes is the number one I find myself frustrated with, I use AlpineJS and often times I need to pass something like an ID or index via an attribute.


<div x-data="{selected: null}">
<!-- Loop ->
<button x-on:click="selected = Post ID" >Button</button> 


This is of course is a rudimentary example but when working with dynamic data this is critical, for example with accordions, I don’t want the user to be able to open more than one accordion tab at a time, and while I can solve this with vanilla javascript, it requires additional class management versus the alpine approach is local to the component and a generally better fit.

Overall I think the concept of the dynamic inserter is great and have been modifying blocks to process twig in-order to accomplish many of these tasks without having to leave gutenberg but I would much prefer a native approach.