Dynamic content for list block


It would be awesome to be able to load dynamic content into a Cwicly list block so that we can use Cwicly styling.

For instance, using a WYSIWYG ACF field, we could insert lists (ul/li) that would populate a Cwicly list block.

It is actually not so hard to style a list in CSS, but I miss SVG icons from the list block :wink:

It should not be so hard to implement because insertion of a dynamic field seems already OK.
The problem is that the injected list is nested inside the block list, since the dynamic field is inserted inside the first list item.


NIFTY WORKAROUND: Remove ul tags and first li and last /li in text mode :wink:

i’m trying to style markers insisde a WYSIWYG field and i can’t do it, i can’t target only the markers from this field… Could you help me with that @yankiara ?

Hi there,
There are different CSS selectors that could help target your list according to the context.
Do you have any URL or can you explain your frontend structure?

here is the link : test été escalade – Guides de Verbier
i’d like to change markers from the green and grey divs, but these lists are from an ACF wysiwyg field (i can’t do your trick using the cwicly list field because client will have to handle it himself)

I think i’ll turn this into a repeater maybe… so i can chose an icon instead of a marker

OK, so in this case why don’t you use the container class to target your lists, for instance?
Your list blocks are located inside .div-cf13e4a, so either you use this classname, either you define a more readable custom class to the div.

.container-class ul li::marker {
    color: var(--c-bullets);
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thanks ! i’ve tried so much things but not this one !