Dynamic caption for Image block

It would be very helpful to be able to add a caption to a Cwicly image block that can pull dynamically from Wordpress media file

Yes please, we need automatic caption from media library like Gutenberg image block, with a toggle to activate or not.

Hello @Jason and @yankiara,

Sounds like a good proposition, although how do you see this implementation?

@yankiara The Gutenberg block forces a block layout:
The caption also doesn’t automatically update when changes are made in the media file… So this is not automatic captioning and can currently easily be achieved in Cwicly.

Looks good to me, standard way.
Though there willl be some work to apply the different UI settings to the right tag: figure or img :wink:

Oops you’re right, it doesn’t update, I had forgotten that :frowning:

Well, I was particularly thinking of my clients using images in posts, but they will actually use Gutenberg images, since I will lock them away from Cwicly, so that might not be a very important feature if I can do it myself with Cwicly for template images.

Maybe other opinions?

My point is, this doesn’t allow for any styling etc and is very limiting. Fine for preset blocks.

Once again, all this is achievable currently, except dynamically pulling captions.

Dynamic captions are necessary, but I don’t think including them in the Image block is the way to go here.