Duplicating of column is not available

I added a column element and chose a 4-column layout. As soon as I finished adding content for the first column, I thought of removing the rest of the empty columns and replacing the removed columns by duplicating the first one I have done. Unfortunately, the duplicate option was disabled. So, I had to duplicate the inner items instead of the main column.

Is this normal? If this is normal, I feel the limitation on the flexibility when doing a website. Or am I missing anything?

Any feedback is welcome. :wink:

Hi @jornes,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, the logic could be changed to allow this.

But, for the moment, you can copy/paste a Column using keyboard shortcuts (which also work with linking).

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Thanks @Araminta

I already duplicated those inner elements for now. Wait for this option to be enabled.

I hope I’m not misunderstanding, but if you weren’t aware you can copy the entire column and paste it with keyboard shortcuts.

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Yes. I wasn’t aware of it. Thank you!
I will try it out shortly.

Anyway, the Duplicate option shouldn’t be disabled too.

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This doesn’t work on a Mac. (copying does, but not pasting) any thoughts?