Does Cwicly support ACF clone?

I have a site that uses a lot of ACF and it tends to get a little sluggish. One way I could reduce the amount of fields and field groups is by using the clone module from ACF where for example I define a button with text, link and some other options and just clone this field group into specific pages vs creating a set of fields for every button on the site. And linking this components for optimal efficiency.

The problem is that when I go this way, no matter which configuration I use, I either get a “this is an array field, please select another” message, or simply nothing displays in the front end. Maybe I’m setting it up wrong? Maybe cloned fields are not supported?
Any insight would be welcome.

Hi @Louis sorry to ping you but I was hoping I could get an answer to this question before handing my latest build to my client. I can’t find an answer in any of the documentation about whether or not cwicly supports ACF clone fields

Hello @mariaarangokure,

When selecting the Group and Field in the dynamic content selector, can you make sure to reference the original Group and Field and not the cloned field?

Thanks in advance.


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