Display Query As A Slider Or Gallery

Hello, is it possible to make a query work like a slider or gallery so that the dynamic content is displayed as slides?
The slides number should be allso variable hence the query.

Hmm maybe that wasn’t the best description. I’m looking for the possibility to add a slider with dynamic content.
Instead of adding the slides manually, I’d rather just query them.

Something like this.

With the query div being the slides of course. :wink:

Dynamic slider is not possible yet, but is planned.
It’s expected to drop before or with the Woo integration, since this is a crucial block.
As we see the blocks coming, like the filter or mega menu block, this shouldn’t be too far away.

Slider to show posts / CPT / Products - Feature Requests - Cwicly

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Perfect, thank you @Marius

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Any news about the post slider?

Not that I’m aware of.
But probably the wrong person to ask when it comes down to news.
You can check the public roadmap here.

The Design Library is the main thing which is currently being worked on it seems.
I also would expect the Mega Menu and TOC Block being prioritized over the Dynamic Slider functionality implementation.

Looking at the roadmap, I wouldn’t expect it to be available in the coming weeks but by the end of this year.