[Discussion] Custom CSS via Block Options

So any content which is put inside Custom CSS area in the Advanced Block Options is placed directly above the actual block on front-end via <style> tags.

Maybe I can get some more information about this approach and why it is done that way.
It is not a solution I explicitly like, but at least I might undertsand it better then.
Maybe it is required to offer the really helpful .blockclass and #blockid selectors?

Combining all the custom styles in a single <style> tag inside the <head> would make more sense to me.
Also there could be an option to save these styles as a separate file.css which would only load on the corresponding page(s) instead.

Happy to discuss this further :v:

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Hi @Marius,

I was wondering when someone was going to bring this up, it has been there in the back of my head for a while :see_no_evil:

This might be the right time to get it out of the body, since <style> should not be in there anyway.

If I were to be honest, the approach to insert inside the body was simply easy and simple to do. But definitely not recommended, so we’ll be changing that!

Thanks for bringing this up.


I love your honesty man. Looking forward to it! Although I try to keep all of my custom CSS in stylesheet editor

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Introduced in

Thanks for the input!

Thank you @Louis!
That was fast :sunglasses:

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