Disable Block Toolbar

Not sure if this is already possible, but since we have the Cwicly Navigator and the newly introduced Navigator right-click menu, the block toolbar became almost redundant for me.
This would also solve the problem that it many cases the toolbar covers blocks and make them unclickable/invisible.

So an option to disable it would be appreciated.

Condition: Extend Navigators’ right-click menu with missing options from Blocks’ Toolbar.


Hi @Marius,

This sounds like a nice idea.

@Louis, could you have a look at this and share your thoughts?



Thanks for picking this up @Araminta.

With the reworked and very flexible undocked Navigatior and the (in the meantime introduced) role editor, it would make even more sense now to optionally replace the kind of unflexible toolbar.

I know there might be some hurdles when it comes to block specific toolbar options, but the Navigator context menu, if done right, has the potential to grow to a very powerful tool.

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@Marius Which toolbar is this?


Oh! I thought you were talking about something else. I am not sure if it’s fully replaceable. How else you will select the dynamic data or span tag for example?

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Navigator’s context menu @dranzer.

I’m for this as well. With the latest UI changes, this toolbar is pretty much redundant for me as well.

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was searching an option to disable. seems i can stop for now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback @penatech and @gusmo. Good to hear there are other users who feel the same way.

Today, I discovered the new alignment option in the toolbar :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Some blocks come with a toolbar width of around 700px, it’s way too much.
It’s not that I don’t find it completely useless, it’s rather how it is implemented.

A tool which offers block related and general options directly from the block on the canvas, executed in the right way, can be quite useful.

Maybe, at some point, an alternative solution could be provided by Cwicly.

In its current state, I just want to disable it but unfortunately this is not possible, since there are options inside the toolbar available, which I can’t find somewhere else.


Most frustrating thing, working with Cwicly.
It’s ridiculous.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can pin it to the top, which is a lifesaver for me.

It’s just one of the many lovely things about Gutenberg. :kissing_heart:

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While this tool probably works out well with Gutenberg and its core concept, it gets frustrating pretty quickly when individual elements are placed close together.
It just doesn’t really fit a tool that gives you granular control.

For now, I pinned it to the bottom, which isn’t too bad - or let’s say better than being unable to see my elements on the canvas.