Design Library Missing

Hey there, even though i have created a community account, and created a library with a key and added that library and key to my site. I still am not clear on how to actually access the community library. My community library is essentially empty with a few onle templates that ihad on my site from before. Also there are only a small handful of the Cwicly Templates available from the main library. I am using Cwicly Theme. I have just set this up a few days ago an so far i have not been able to access the community library and or I am pretty sure there should me many more templates in the main library as well. I am thinking this is probably a setting thing but I have no idea what settings. Thanks for your help

I have the main library with a few hundred elements.(Cwicly).
Then the community library with only 5 elements. (Community)
And then my own library/ies beneath. I switch between them by clicking their names.

Thanks Rodgeir, so is there no community pool of items to look through? Or are those also on the Quickly Library along with the QY items? So for your library you either pulled them from teh main Library and edited them or created them from scratch then added them to your library? There is not another pool to choose from? Thanks for the response. I just want to make sure i am not missing something. Wonder why there are only 5 elements in the community library. Maybe we need to change the settings to make it easier or automatic to add them to the community, or are members just not sharing yet?

I guess many users are the kind who like to do things from scratch, it may possibly change as the userbase will hopefully grow. If you have a look at the roadmap there will be new starterthemes and theme import export which will make it easier for many. I find the design library is easy to use, I think it is easy to upload to the community library, I have not done so myself yet, mainly because I am not too experienced with using Cwicly and making good enough designs, and secondly waiting for things to stabilize. I think you are right about getting what you want from the main library or from your own libraries. I admit I do hardly ever use the library.