Default content editor screen to have padding / margin

By default with Cwicly the Gutenberg content editor screen goes edge to edge side and top. This makes it difficult to use. Please make it so that by default there is space around the content.

This is discussed in this thread and it is noted that the site builder can go and add spacing to the Post Content block and that will be reflected then in the editor. A) People don’t know they need to do that. B) it is not expected behavior. C) It appears to be something that pretty much all site builders would need to do, so having some default makes sense.

FWIW, the way that Kadence handles this is with the cover block, for example, full width goes to the edges, wide width goes to the content area without and padding, and the default is the content width with padding.

In any event, I seem to recall that in the Site Editor there was some scaling feature added and perhaps that could be used in the content editor.

I would definitely agree with this. There are some post types that I don’t need to create a template for (ex. a single testimonial), so right now the content goes edge to edge and is difficult to work with.

I think post content should probably be boxed by default, and made full width if that’s what’s set in the template.

Wanted to add more of my thoughts here.

I went through the process of setting up the Ollie theme (, and it might be a good + simple approach for Cwicly to replicate.

Right now when you install the Cwicly theme, you’re starting from a completely blank slate. That makes sense, but it doesn’t make things easy for newer users.

With Ollie, you start off with a bare bones structure that’s already been set up for you:

It contains just enough to help you get started, but not so much that I’d consider it bloat. 9 times out of 10 you’ll need to add those templates yourself anyways.

This not only gets you started much faster, it also helps you understand how things work.

From Cwicly’s perspective, I think it would make sense to leave things as-is technically, but include these base templates in the theme.

Now that I understand exactly how Cwicly works this wouldn’t make much of a difference for me, but I could see it help a lot for new users.

Bonus: If you wanted to take things one step further, you could add a few primary controls to the Post Content element to make styling your posts even easier.

Controls such as: content width, wide content width, and child block spacing. Of course you would take care of the CSS for these behind the scenes.

P.S. regarding this issue I raised earlier:

Not sure how it didn’t occur to me at the time, but I realized I could just apply my blog post template to these post types so that they don’t go edge-to-edge in the editor.