Dark Mode as default?

I’m loving the new dark mode settings, I had something very hacky setup and this will be way cleaner. My only question is that the video says Light Mode is the default, I’m wondering if we could made dark mode the default?
My site was originally designed in dark mode, and its where my branding really looks its best, I want to add the option of light mode for those who prefer it but if no preference is stated, or if it prefers dark mode then dark mode should be shown.

I have the same issue. I just redid a page with both modes and then realized Light Mode gets priority. Maybe for now, we could use a global style collection for the light mode as a work around? Is it possible to add a toggle on the front end for global style collections as well?


I had this exact same request from a client who prefers the dark version of the site.

Now, when you don’t set any preference in your OS or browser, is the light mode explicitly selected, or is it like unset, and then Cwicly can set our own default preference?