Cwicly's Design Library - NoThumbnails or Almost Nothing


Today, I checked the design library, and I noticed many of them have no thumbnails, and some of them have nothing in those categories at all.

Is it only me seeing this situation? Or?

On the website, it says there are more than 500+ premade Pro Designs in the design library, but I can’t find it. Am I missing anything?

Hi @Louis ,
When you have time, would you please check this out to see what’s wrong with it?

Thank you!
I was trying to speed up my development in Cwicly, but I found it doesn’t work really well.

Best regards,

@jornes I am not sure if you have tried this, but I had this issue today as well. I am not sure if this particular action corrected it (bc I was troubleshooting something else at the time) but I noticed it was corrected for me after refreshing all the styles/css in the cwicly settings. You may want to try this if you haven’t already.