Cwicly Theme? Is it a FSE Theme, or Hybrid? Should I use?

As a beginner in the Full Site Editing (FSE) environment, I’m currently using the Twenty Twenty-Four theme for a new project. I’m not attached to this theme and am considering switching to the Cwicly. I’m looking for a straightforward solution and want to avoid hybrid themes like Generate Press or Kadence. Would the CY Theme be more suitable for my needs, especially in terms of ease of use and alignment with FSE principles?" I think the answer is going to be yes but just checking becasue the initial reason i opted for the plugin only was to avoid going with a hybrid them in favor of a Full Full Site Editing Theme. But after experiencing what CY has to offer i feel my initial concerns may be inaccurate.

To confirm, the Cwicly theme is an FSE theme and it acts as a good flexible starting point. It is minimalist and doesn’t enforce any rigid design constraints or limitations. If you are looking for something pre-built it may not be the right solution, but if you want something that allows you full control and “starting from scratch”, then it may be a very good choice.