Cwicly Spotlight - Live

Join us tomorrow for a live Cwicly Spotlight :stars:

Connect with the team and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

See you there! :raised_hands:

:link: Cwicly Spotlight - Live - YouTube
:spiral_calendar: Tomorrow, Tues. May 30th
:alarm_clock: 6pm CEST


I missed the live viewing but watched it a few hours later. Recently I have been looking at revamping my workflow and am on the border between abstraction layers. Page builders are an abstraction too high. However, Cwicly takes you closer to the WordPress core and is developing weekly. Your unique mission to reduce clutter with block, page, and template-specific classes is a good one. It is made better now by approaching style and design with a trilogy of classes: Virtual Classes, Global Classes, and External Classes. The sneak peek into external classes with a venture to Tailwind CSS Components made me move further from the border into the Cwicly state. One of the options I have been testing is with MDBootstrap. At first, I used their Material Design modernization of Bootstrap, but now I am looking at their project with Tailwind Elements. During the day of Spotlight #1, I was working on taking one of the MDB Tailwind Elements Components and converting it to a block (using Meta Box). Then, I saw Louis take that journey to Tailwind himself!

Not receiving a notification of the Spotlight before the broadcast, I missed the live version. I learned about it a few hours later from the unofficial Cwicly Discord server. I’ve just gone through your discourse to turn on notifications :wink:

I look forward to attending Spotlight #2 live, and I promise to refrain from again mentioning or asking about the planned move to make ACF optional while introducing Meta Box as an optional option.


I really love my experience with your team. You have such good communications and a team with a lot of class (not just the triology).


Hello @Anthony,

Thank you for taking the time to post a reply and for your kind words, the team and I really appreciate it.

Sorry you missed the live this time around.

Indeed, components have been on my roadmap from the start, and Cwicly is now capable of supporting them in terms of feature set. Components are fundamentally necessary if we want to introduce CSS frameworks but also allow users to create and modify efficiently.

The integration with Meta Box is planned, as well as making ACF fully optional. Don’t hesitate to bring it up if you feel we haven’t mentioned it in a while, a gentle reminder is always welcome :wink:

Thanks again for your support!



I was impressed with the future implementation of Tailwind. I’ve done a few sites with Vue & Tailwind. Tailwind and PurgeCSS are very efficient. But it took some getting used to with Tailwind’s mobile first approach. I did prefer Bootstrap in that regard but Tailwind is very efficient.

Also, may I ask if more media queries will be implemented in the future?

I am excited about the components highlighted in the video.
At the moment, I have to make custom blocks (ACF blocks) to create reusable components that are easy to maintain and edit. If the upcoming components system functions similarly to that of Figma, it would be huge!

I’m not a big fan of utility classes. However, if it integrates nicely with Cwicly, I would start to use it.
I’d prefer mainstream tailwind over other third-party utility classes & plugins in WP.
It will also be a good boost on cwicly popularity.

I’m so excited about the upcoming development :slight_smile: