Cwicly plus Generatepress?

What are the pros and cons of using Cwicly with Generatepress ?

Will I be able to use all the awesome blocks with all features of the individual blocks or are there limitations when using Generatepress or any other third-party theme ?

What will I be missing if it is possible at all ? And is it deigned to be able to work with third party themes such as Generatepress ?

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You should be able to use the Cwicly blocks in the Gutenberg content editor when creating posts and pages. You should also have access to ACF Pro from the Cwicly plugin.

A big feature of Cwicly is the ability to create theme templates using the Full Site Editor. Since GeneratePress is not a block-based theme, that option won’t show. Also, there may not be coordination between your GeneratePress Customizer settings and Cwicly styles (I’m not sure how that will work). Note, there is a setting in the Cwicly advanced settings area to disable some Cwicly style related to Flex should there be a conflict.


Thank you, @David -

I did not get a notification about your response. Honestly, not much activity here. Maybe it is spread too thin with the facebook group there also. So it was somewhat deliberately forgotten.

But thank you for your response. I have now tried two times to use Cwicly. Bought and got a refund without any problems. A bit embarassing on my part that I did that. Cwicly intrigues me. But I am so frustrated with the UX. It has so many problems for me.

Generateblocks beta 1.6 will add FSE …and so we have another “two many cooks-situation”.

This whole situation with trying to make wordpress more than it is really is somewhat ridiculous. It is and was a blog. No ecommerce, no hosting, no security, no backup, no role editor, no real templating system, it has been that way for years. Just a simple piece of really simple software.

Here is a list of things that I probably could have investigated further. But I just dropped it. It does not work as of now.

  1. When installing

The naming of the files we download should specify which is the plugin and which is the themer.

  1. When adding Ricardo navigation

screen should not show the mobile menu by default and the add-box with the ±sign to add a new block should be adjusted to give overview and not overlap visually the mobile menu, which should not be there in the first place, but preferrably show in the editor, when I click on the hamburger/menu-icon that opens the mobile menu - or if that can not be done it should activate when previewing/eidting in the mobile view.

  1. The option to “Hide Cwicly Modals”

should probably be enabled by default to show only in mobile view and/or tablet - that is only shown when actually editing the template part.

Or maybe it should be a part of the editor, so when I edit the modal in desktop view inside the editor

  1. When editing index-tamplate and I hover over the footer or header template part

I should be actually editing the template-part I click on - currently when clicking on footer and when editing the index-template and in the editor when I click on the plus-sign in the footer-part and import a template part it just adds to the main-part of index-template.

  1. When importing a theme

there sould be a button to import all template parts or even better - a button to import the entire theme in one go and also the option to click checkboxes on the parts I want to import.

  1. When adding content …

A specific tab for content would be better in stead of the actual content being prioritized way down in the editor - options should have the content first - that is, the images, the block content or whatever…

Images in the importer should be looked through as they are not streamlined. When installing Ricardo header the url is not correct …

  1. When importing premade designs

the navigation should be named header so consistency is maintained, and I know that I am importing a header into the header part of the template.

  1. When clicking on add default template

there is one unnecessary step - the button “add default tempate” should include a drop-down-menu that gives you the option to select which template-part I want to add - just as the set of options I get, when I now ckick on “add default template” and is redirected to a page, that then gives me the options I could have in the first place.

  1. When clicking on the list view

the first time it should be placed in the same position as the the default Gutenberg list view and - as it is now - it should still remember my option, if I move it to the right or change to dock-mode.

  1. When installing the themer

there really should be a beatifu standard set of options in stead of the raw barebones-no-design theme I get after installation of the themer.

  1. When importing navigation from the Design Library

It should be ready to use - I should as an example not have to link the menu by referencing the ID and linking it to the menu that comes with the imported navigation element.

But I give up. Bricks builder is probably the only real game in town. Or editorx by Wix.

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Some good points there. Thank you for sharing them.

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