Cwicly Plugin vs Theme

What exactly does the Cwicly theme offer separately from the Cwicly plugin?

I have installed the plugin only on an already-built Divi site, to start testing compatibility for a transition, and it seems I still have access to the Cwicly Themer for templating - which I would’ve thought would’ve been a feature provided by the Cwicly theme only.

EDIT: I tried to add a template via the Cwicly themer and was shown the message “The theme you are currently using is not compatible with the Site Editor.” So that makes more sense to me now. I’ll keep my original post below, b/c my questions are still relevant.

From what I can tell the plugin is offering everything (global styles, etc) - so what exactly does the theme offer?

I searched the forum and documentation and couldn’t find any details on this.

Also if there’s any tips or resources on migrating to a full Cwicly solutions from a non-blocks builder theme (i.e. Divi). I plan on making this transition for many of my client Divi sites over the next couple years, and thought I may be able to do it piece by piece, rather than a total re-vamp/swap.


Hi @bobbymcg,

I may be able to give a more full response at a later point, in the meantime, I will say that we are currently doing this for a number of clients.

The short answer is, it varies a lot depending on the complexity of the site and which WordPress features and plugins you are using.

We wholeheartedly believe it is worth the effort as working with Cwicly is exponentially easier and more flexible than any of the other solutions we’ve used in the past.

The problems we are facing in most cases come down to specific website functionality that relies on third-party plugins. This could be anything from waiting list plugins to membership plugins.

Unless those plugins have support for FSE / the block editor, it requires a rework to be able to migrate the site.

In terms of doing it piece by piece, that may be tricky depending the content you have on the website. If everything is just standard Gutenberg blocks in pages and posts then the migration can be fairly smooth and done in one go. It is possible to leave those blocks as is and/or transition them to Cwicly blocks as needed/desired. Many other third-party blocks work fine in tandem with Cwicly also, but your mileage may vary.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of what to expect.

In majority of my cases, the custom layouts are either Classic Editor or Divi page builder.

As I think about it, I think I’d have to do the theme swap first - by recreating all the templates in Cwicly themer based on what’s configured in Divi’s “Theme builder” on a dev site - and then moving to production.

Then once the theme swap is done, I shouldbe able to just update any of the one off unique “non-templated” Divi layouts one at a time as I get to them - since these can still exist just fine on the Cwicly Theme.

I’ll let you know how it goes.