Cwicly Navigator three dot menu

The WordPress navigator has a three dot menu to the right of each block with some nice options that I use:

  • Duplicate
  • Copy (to clipboard)
  • Insert before
  • Insert after

There are more than those 4, but those are ones that I use. It would be convenient to have those options available for blocks in the Cwicly Navigator also.

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Although not everything you mentioned is available (yet?), there already is a context menu available via right click.

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Thanks. I right clicked on the first paragraph and it just had the default right click, not a custom one. I just tired it on some other blocks and see what you mean. So, “insert before” and “insert after” would be helpful.


@David, The first paragraph is a wordpress one, not a Cwicly one.

You can change the default block to the Cwicly paragraph in the Cwicly settings, which should lessen the possibility of non-Cwicly paragraphs being used.

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Thanks. I was showing how I missed the Cwicly options :slight_smile:

The “Insert before” and “Insert after” are helpful options on the core version.

On general principle I use core blocks by default unless the special features of other blocks are needed, with the thought that they provide the best long term backward compatibility.

I also miss the “insert before/after” in the block’s context menu in Cwicly Navigator. Not having this means I need to find the block in the editor, click on it, and then access the more options (three dots) to get to it. While it would be much faster to right click the block in Cwicly Navigator and hit “insert after”.

Maybe there is a better way to add a new block in a specific place on the page than what I"m currently doing. How do you all do it?

Hi @David,

Thank you for sharing this feature request!

Indeed, we can see how useful a “insert before/after” option could be in our Navigator.

I’ll move this to planned, so the team and I can keep track of it and implement it when possible.


In case you aren’t aware of it, on all of the Cwicly container blocks on the block context toolbar, there is a stack icon and you can click on that to insert a block into the container. This is a helpful and cool feature.

Thanks for pointing it out, @David. Yes, I am aware of the stacking button.

Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention @David!

With, you are now able to “Insert before/after” with Cwicly’s navigator:

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Thank you very much for adding this!

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