Cwicly loads on every page?

Posting this as a general question instead of bug report because I’m not sure if this was ever stated anywhere :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed though that if you have the Cwicly plugin enabled, it will load the Cwicly CSS & JS on every page of your site - regardless if you’re even using Cwicly or Gutenberg on that page at all.

That means if you have a page fully designed in Oxygen for example, Cwicly will still load its assets on the page.

Elementor will only load its assets if it’s actually being used on the page.

I know many sites probably utilize the Cwicly theme, but any plans for making asset loading more dynamic for sites that are only using the Cwicly plugin?


Great point @sunny as usual!

I think an optional toggle in the Cwicly settings page (no worries, we are planning to rework it with all the options there now) to remove those last additions if no Cwicly blocks are used on the page would be the way to go for non-Cwicly orientated themes.