Cwicly License Purchase

I have sent this to support but haven’t received a response. I was working on development of a new site using Cwicly and was preparing to launch the site when I received the news that Cwicly development was shutting down, and refunds would be issued.

Since I had purchased within the refund window, I requested the refund, not knowing that shortly later a post would confirm that Cwicly would continue to receive security and support updates through 2024.

I’m now unable to use my license or purchase a new one. I would LOVE to continue using Cwicly to continue development for the remainder of Cwicly’s lifetime.

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I’m in the same boat, I still have my lifetime license but that won’t be enough which is why I bought the 1000 licenses subscription. I also haven’t heard back.

Hello there,

The team was awaiting my input on this before replying to users in a similar situation.

Unfortunately, since you have cancelled and have been refunded for the purchase, we are unable to reactivate your licenses or take new payments.

I understand that this may pose an inconvenience for you. However, it’s important to note that our discontinuation letter clearly outlined our commitment to supporting Cwicly until the conclusion of 2024.

That said, if you are currently in the process of transferring and require a brief extension to use your license (e.g., a week or so), we are more than willing to accommodate this request.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.


Hi Louis

I know you mentioned maintenance plans from the next year and more details to be provided towards end of the year.

I’m just wondering whether theres going to be any chance of managing/increasing licenses or we stuck to what we have now - that would be sad

I have 100 licenses for LTD from Appsumo that I am interested in exchanging for a GeneratePress LTD license.