Cwicly license issue

We have six language versions of our website using WPML, and Cwicly is counting each version as a separate active website. Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade our license via your interface, which is preventing us from launching five of the languages due to licensing issues. It’s worth noting that we are not using multi-site implementation, but we need the license to work for all WPML language versions.


@Louis It would be great if you could pay attention to this. We are currently blocked and haven’t got a reply from the support email. We can’t move forward until cwicly unblocks us from this issue.

Can anyone please check if a workaround is available, until Cwicly resolves this issue?

Hello @nandanintuitiolabs,

I believe this has been dealt with by the support team.
If not, please let me know and I’ll take a look at it more specifically.


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