Cwicly is getting so good, Let us say thank you to the team

Hi @Louis @Araminta - the doc-team and everyone else at Cwicly.

I just want to say thank you for your work and express my appreciation. As you know I not even a no-coder :slight_smile: Just following along Kevins great PB101 and plotting the basics in for now.

Much respect and admiration for the skills deployed. Let us all take a step by and say our thanks to the team at Cwicly.

Thank you from me :slight_smile: Especially for the Components, the Visual Grid builder and now the Color system - and the small, but very significant polishes of the UX. I have started enjoying the UX after using more. Initially it was way more conmfusion, but the UX actually makes sense. Probably a result of your consulting people who know something about UX as Louis have mentioned.

What do the rest of you appreciate the most ?

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