Cwicly HTML Regeneration Trouble

So, quite regularly, I’m asked to regenerate HTML.

However, this is always followed up by fonts not loading properly. Every single time I have this, and since I have to regenerate so often it is getting a little frustrating.

My solution so far: open the template your page is built in, change something and then change it back so that you have the ability to save.

What are others doing? Is there any way we have either less regeneration or where the fonts will stay correct afterwards?

Hi @boris,

How are you loading your fonts?

Hi @boris,

Terribly sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with the regeneration.
You definitely should not have to resave all your pages/templates to correctly save fonts.

Could you possibly let us know:

  • Do any errors appear in your browser console log when you access the Settings page?
  • As @StrangeTech rightly asked, how are your fonts loaded? Are you using Google fonts or custom fonts through the Font Manager?

Thank you in advance.

I’m using Google Fonts and every time I regerenate the fonts probably stop loading. Then they look like this: Artistiek Collectief – Noorderkerkconcerten

You seem to be using two Google Fonts:

  1. Alata
  2. Inter

The page is only requesting one:

Can you show a screenshot of the editor where you are specifying your Google font for the particular block. Perhaps this will reveal something about what is causing it not to be loaded.

Also, does this happen only on the front-end or also in the editor?

Thank you for the link, @boris.

Could you possibly confirm whether or not any errors appear in your browser console log when accessing the Cwicly Settings page?

If you prefer for me to have a look, please don’t hesitate to share a temporary access for

If this is possible, to keep things secure and private, kindly send (through support or by PM) the details using:

Thank you in advance.

Hello @boris,

Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with fonts not loading properly after regeneration.
I take it that this was using the new Font Manager to load/use fonts in Cwicly?

We have pushed a potential fix for this in

I would be grateful if you could let me know if this has helped fix the issue.