Cwicly has come a long way in one year!

Saw this video on my YouTube feed and thought it’d be fun to watch: Introducing Cwicly - The Ultimate WordPress Gutenberg Toolkit - YouTube

Wow, can’t believe that was only a year ago…almost to the day.

The UI today looks a lot more refined, there are a ton of improvements under the hood (especially related to classes), there’s an awesome new role editor, and the design library is easily twice as good.

Congrats on the great work. Hard to imagine what Cwicly will look like a year from now.


An amazing tool already then :heart_eyes:
In retrospect compared to its current state it was a real pain here and there :see_no_evil:

But only positive reports from my side.
The progress, team and community are amazing.



Can fully agree. Progress is amazing. A bright future is ahead. :star_struck: