Cwicly Global Stylesheet: font-weight

font-weight set in Cwicly Global Stylesheet doesn’t overwrite font-weight set in Cwicly Global Styles.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:
In Cwicly Global Styles > Typography: Set to H1 → font-weight: 900
Creation of a class (named: table-heading) in Cwicly Global Stylesheet with font-weight: 400
Apply the class “table-heading” to a block Heading with Tag H1 (Weight not defined in block)
The block Heading is displayed with font-weight: 700


Environment info:
WordPress version: 5.9.3
PHP: 8.1.5
Gutenberg Plugin version: deactivated
Cwicly Plugin version:
Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi there @weedor,

Thanks for the report.
I can’t seem to reproduce this on my side.

Could you possibly let me know which browser you are using?

Hi Louis,

Thank you to take care of this problem.
The browser is Chrome on Windows 11.
I think that it is a question of priority.
I reproduiced the problem:
First of all, I create a Cwicly Global Styles > Typography: H1 with weight: 700
Then, I create in a Heading Block an Addditional Class named: test with weight: 400
Then in the Heading Block, I set the weight to 900

This last one is displayed frontend. This is logical: the last word for the block!

On the previous screenshot, the “user agent stylesheet” comes from a native Gutenberg block that have the priority.

So, I think that is is not a bug but a logical behavior.