Cwicly editor shortcuts

One thing that would speed up the workflow for Cwicly users is the ability to use shortcuts inside gutenberg/cwicly editor for various purposes. Some of them might be:

  1. Shortcuts for adding elements. For example “CMD + S / CTRL + S” would add a new section element. “CMD + H” would add a new heading and so on and so forth.

  2. Shortcuts for renaming elements in navigator pane.

Thank you for adding shortcuts in version 1.1.4. That was pretty fast!

Is there a chance so that we could set our own shortcuts?

Right now, if I want to add a section element for example, I have to press “Option + Command + S” which is not very convenient. Much easier option would be to a combination of “Shift + S” or something like that.

Hi @Dev.tomi,

Definitely something to work towards, as the shortcuts might not be intuitive as you say.
This will require a more specific and detailed thought process (allowing to choose which blocks etc…) but I can see this coming quite soon.
Thanks for the suggestion!


Wait, keyboard shortcuts are already a thing? Is there documentation anywhere on what shortcuts are available? I haven’t been able to find anything.

It’s one thing I’ve been missing from Oxygen (using one of the addons). I had a shortcut for adding different elements, navigating to different design properties, and switching between desktop & mobile previews.

EDIT: Just saw that you can see the currently available shortcuts inside Gutenberg:

@Araminta this would be a good thing to add to the documentation :slight_smile:


Whenever the team work on it please also consider adding shortcuts for easy navigation within the navigator items. Something like the below.


I can confirm that most of the listed keyboard shortcuts do not work for me at all, in either Chrome or Firefox, in Linux with a fresh demo instance.
The following all do nothing:
Ctrl+Alt N (add default block)
Ctrl+Alt T (New block before)
Ctrl+Alt H (insert heading)
Ctrl+Alt V (insert div)
Ctrl+Alt s (insert section)
Ctrl+Alt p (insert paragraph)
Shift+Alt 1-6 (make headline)

Ctrl+Alt Y works (insert new block after)