Cwicly defaults - exploration

Hello everyone,

We’re currently in the process of removing most of the Cwicly defaults that affect styles.

Edit: This will be optional, but defaults will be removed on new installations.

One of the areas of concern we have is the Section block.
I know that a few users have requested changes in its function along with separating the Container from the Wrapper.
While these are options we might explore further down the line, we are currently keeping the Section block as-is.

If you currently use it, would you prefer the Section block to maintain the default (or user set) width and max-width properties or have these properties removed also.

This would give a Section block with a wrapper that fills 100% of the width. Might this create more confusion?

Feedback appreciated.

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Dear Louis

Will this change have a big impact on the speed performance and structure of the website that has been built before?. I feel like everything is working fine for now, If it’s not a real breakthrough in performance, it should probably stay the same.

Thank you !

Hi @NHViet,

Thanks for responding.

The defaults removal will be optional, and I’ve edited my initial post.
But yes, this could have impact on performance (CSS file size etc…).

We’re leaving defaults if the user decides to so that it doesn’t affect sites already built with defaults.
But we will be recommending to build without the defaults when this is released.

Dear Louis

I feel it’s not important to change the section block. Maybe you should get the majority opinion to decide. I think the Cwicly team should focus on developing better new features such as: TOC, Mega menu, Location for dynamic link (Dynamic link is really essential feature for dynamic website)

thank you !

On existing installations, when adding new blocks, as well?

Interesting question.

I think this will create more confusion. In this case, it makes sense to have defaults inserted.
Most users will modify defaults anyway so shouldn’t be a big deal, but for the ones who don’t know what’s actually happening, no defaults wouldn’t be a good idea.

It would also give even more the impression that the section block is a single container.
Adjusting then the sizing properties will lead to unexpected results and could give non-experienced users the rest :melting_face:

IMO this is the best option.

I think it makes more sense to apply the container width to a class as opposed setting the default styling on each section.

I already remove the default value on each section, because if I ever want to change my container width in the future, I can just modify one class as opposed to change every single section on the site.

Instead, I add my max-width to .cc-wrapper.

The same applies to reusing sections on other sites. If every section has a specified container width, it’s far less likely you can import the page without having to modify each section to match the destination site’s layout.