Cwicly bypasses my block editor customization


I load a js file on the block editor. One function is being bypassed by Cwicly. I want to keep welcome guide and fullscreen mode disabled by default. But below code does not work when Cwicly is active or cwicly bypasses it with higher priority as this code is loaded from my theme and cwicly is a plugin. Plugin > Theme in terms of priority afaik.

	// Keep these features disabled	
	['welcomeGuide', 'fullscreenMode'].forEach(mustBeFDisabled => {
		if (select('core/edit-post').isFeatureActive(mustBeFDisabled)) {

Hi @anon32808828,

We do not touch those parameters in any circumstance, so I’m not sure where this would be overriden by Cwicly.
In your code, you’re only targeting the Post Editor, and not the Site Editor.

I might add, which function is being bypassed?

@Louis Thanks for your prompt response. This is unrelated to cwicly. I am sorry. I had enabled gutenberg block editor for woocommerce single product pages via a hacky way and the welcome guide was being shown every time I edited a product. I expect this to be buggy since there is no support for block editor for woocommerce single products as of now. I have used css to remove the welcome guide out of the way.

Please ignore this thread.