Cwicly block styling is lost when used inside a Kadence Element


I am a Cwicly + Kadence Theme Pro customer. I use Kadence hooked elements extensively for creating templates and sections that are added dynamically to different pages and posts on a website.

I am facing an issue where the styling I apply to Cwicly blocks inside a Kadence hooked element does not carry over to the page/post. All styling done to Cwicly block inside a hooked element is essentially lost. On the other hand, the styles applied to a Cwicly block that is placed directly on a page/post, is preserved.

Below is a screenshot of two Cwicly paragraphs, the first added directly to the page while the second comes from a Kadence hooked element. The second paragraph should have a 32px size and a green color but its styling is stripped when displayed on the front-end. The styling on the backend (when editing the hooked element) shows up correctly.

Here is a URL where you can see this in action:

I reached out to Kadence support and they suggest that this might be related to how the CSS in Cwicly is saved and then hooked into the content and maybe Cwicly requires a hook to add styles. Kadence team is willing to provide such hooks if they are missing. Here is a link to the discussion.


The first paragraph was placed directly on the page and its styling is preserved
The second paragraph comes from a hooked element and its styling is lost

The second paragraph style appears correctly on the backend (in Kadence hooked element)

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Kadence Theme: 1.1.31

Block CSS only gets loaded on the page it’s used on.

In this case, it doesn’t know that it’s being hooked into another page as well.

I think the only workaround would be to use global classes.

Hello @nadim,

Thanks for bringing this up, as well as all the details.
Will give it a look as soon as I have a free moment and will try to bring out a solution for this.


@Louis , I ended up with going full Cwicly and now moved all “templating” made with Kadence Elements into templates and template part. It’s working great for me. So no need to look into this issue really.


I am having the same issue with the gallery block. I am only using it until the their is a tutorial or solution for me to create the same thing in Cwicly. In the meantime, when I add the gallery block to a loop template the entire template disapears. FYI. I will check if there are any updates on the gallery autoplay, slideshow view, dynamic.

This may help for your Gallery issue: