Cwicly as a block plugin?


What’s the general vibe around using Cwicly as a block plugin as opposed to a full site editor?

I’m currently using a traditional page builder, and am not looking to migrate to Gutenberg for FSE just yet.

I do however use Kadence Blocks on my site for adding certain elements to my blog posts or for simple landing pages (since this is generally more future-proof).

If I’m going to be using a block plugin, I really want to make sure I choose the right one since I definitely won’t want to rebuild elements within a blog post down the road.

I think Kadence is great for what it is, but I’m pretty drawn to the power Cwicly.

Is Cwicly suitable for the purposes of a block plugin? Or is it *too powerful?

I only wonder about that last point since Cwicly alters the Gutenberg experience, and in general feels more like a site builder than a block plugin.

Just curious if that’s an intended use case as well.