Custom taxonomies dynamic data

Make custom taxonomies data available in the dynamic controller.


+1 for this. Realizing I can’t get at the custom fields for my taxonomies.

Hi @owynter,

You can access ACF Fields from the Taxonomy Terms block, but can’t query them from an isolated dynamic field yet.

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I set a custom post type category in Dynamic Values, but it is not reflected.
Is only the default post taxonomy currently supported?

I was able to reflect taxonomy via ACF.

Hello @Takeru,

Could you possibly give me a bit more information on where you are requiring this data? It’s not clear to me if we’re talking about the dynamic controller or Taxonomy Terms block.


I thought I could dynamically set a custom post type taxonomy for a paragraph block with the following settings, but I could not.

The following setting was required to reflect the custom post type taxonomy. This is a custom field and taxonomy in conjunction with a custom field.

Is there a simple way to set up custom post type taxonomy?
Since custom post type and ACF are considered as a set, should I take it as a natural progression to select ACF in “SOURCE”?
I feel that if we could choose a custom post type that has already been created in “SOURCE,” it would be easier for first-time users to understand.

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I’m also +1 on this. Found this post, by searching for exactly the same problem.

Thank you for this tip!