Custom lightbox and Google Map style

Hi Cwicly Team and everyone else!

Cwicly is very promising and so far I like it a lot.

I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to add (and preferably a replacement) a custom lightbox while keeping the “Enable Lightbox” option? Is there any WordPress filter for functions.php? For example, I would like to add Parvus, which is lighter and more accessible than GLightbox.

  2. I need a map that allows you to add more points on one map and a custom map style (something similar to Bricks). Is there currently a way to do this?


Hi @Araminta, @Louis!

Please, at least a short answer, because it’s important to me.

Thank you!

Hi @Gyurmey,

My apologies for not responding sooner and welcome to the forum!

As for your questions:

  1. Yes this should be fairly easy by dequeuing our lightbox script and using the .cc-lightbox class to trigger your custom implementation.

  2. Unfortunately, not currently. The map block needs a complete rework, which will bring dynamic data as well as custom maps and multiple points, but I can’t tell what the timeframe will be on this.


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