Custom code inserted to custom code section doesn't reflect in the editor


*I can’t remember if I already reported this before

The custom code I inserted into the custom code section(or WPCode plugin) only reflects on the front end but not in the builder. I’m not sure if I have already reported this before.

For example, I have added a custom CSS code to make the background colour orange. The colour doesn’t show in the builder. It only reflects on the front end.

May I know why so? If custom code doesn’t directly render in the builder, it is not easy to work when working on a site.

Am I missing(or forgetting) anything?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Sounds unusual to me, especially when it’s not working with two independent instances - builder and plugin.

I never faced such issues. All CSS was applied properly - whether I used a plugin (WPCodeBox) or any custom code instance inside the builder.

I would’ve asked you if you set your conditions properly, to display your custom styles on frontend and backend when using a plugin, but since it’s also happening when using the editor’s custom code area(s), I’m not sure what could cause this behavior.

Did you check with the browser tools if the rule is present inside the editor? Maybe it gets overwritten somehow?
Does it happen with other/all custom styles as well?

It’s strange for me as well. If I remember correctly, it worked before(on another site). But I have stopped touching site builders recently, so I am unsure if this is normal behaviour.

The code is now in the custom code section in Cwicly’s setting. So, it should work globally. It’s just not working in the builder.

I’m sure the code wasn’t been overwritten by other code. Because it’s just a background colour. In the builder, I removed the background colour to do this test.

Only styling from the custom code did not render in the builder. It only renders on the front end. I checked another site as well. It’s also not rendering in the builder.

That’s for frontend only, so it makes sense as it is intended behavior to exclusively apply there.

All custom styles which are applied inside the builder should show up there, as well as styles which are set with a code plugin, provided you set the conditions to frontend and backend (applies only to the plugin).

I might have misunderstood you in first place, as I initially thought you were talking about the custom code areas inside the builder.
Sorry for the confusion.

I’d suggest to use a plugin or child theme, if you want both - apply styles globally and display them inside the builder.
Of course you could also just use a global stylesheet, but sounds for me you want to control things outside of the builder.

Maybe we get some upgrade with the custom code area inside the Cwicly options.
I think they are currently reworked, so maybe we see this at some point.

Thank you @Marius ! Indeed I have forgotten about something. I should insert those custom codes for styling using the global stysheet instead of custom code section.