CSS Grid Editor for Tablet Mode


I am using CSS Grid Editor. I noticed that I can define a custom layout for desktop and mobile but not for the tablet. Why so?

Hi @dranzer,

This sounds unusual.
Could you possibly share a screenshot of what you’re experiencing on the tablet breakpoint?


Hi @Louis

Desktop Breakpoint - Grid Editor Settings

Now I am not able to change the grid layout for mobile breakpoint. Previously I was able to do the same. Not sure why this is happening. Can you try making a similar grid using grid editor on desktop and see if you can change the layout on tablet/mobile breakpoint? Sorry for the trouble.

Hi @dranzer,

You will have to add a Fractions value to be able to modify the layout on Tablet/Mobile. Without the Fractions value, Cwicly will simply consider that you want to inherit the values from other breakpoints.

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Yes. It works now. So silly of me. Thanks!

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