CSS: 1rem=10px

I am used to set: html {font-size: 62.5%;} in order to ease the use of font-size (1rem=10px)
I tried to set this css code in a code snippet then in the Cwicly settings but none of these solutions works in the backend. The ratio is not applied in the backend but it is in the frontend.
Is there a solution or is this a legit request to add?

While I do this as well, apparently it is not recommended: The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility: should I use pixels or rems?

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Thank you a lot for sharing this great blog.
I will try to choose the best rule.

Hi @weedor,

By adding this code to a Global Stylesheet, it should be applied in the editor also.

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Thank you @Louis
In a first times, I will insert the code in Global Stylesheet as you suggest. But I will dig out in the blog given by @penatech to find a solution more thinking than the one I wanted to setup.