Countdown block in Cwicly

Hello there!

I am new to Cwicly (I saw a review from WP Johynny, which was not that great, but all the good replies made me check this out.) Must say this looks like the ideal solution for me to get under 30 plugins :smiley: .

Anyways, to the topic. I cannot find a countdown block, can I design it inside one of the other blocks?


Hey @Jacob, and welcome to the forum.
Nice to have you here.

Currently, this is not possible.
But I can see a lot of use cases with a countdown/count-up functionality.

Triggers could be user interactions, like click/tap/hover, scroll into view, etc.
Maybe this topic can be considered when reviewing the interaction feature, which is hopefully soon.

Would love to see that.
If you turn this into a feature request, users can vote for it as a potential future functionality.