Copy styling from a class to another class

I have a question about copying/pasting the style of a class.

For example, I have a class for the element. Let’s say it’s .class1. I have styled everything with the .class1. Then, I want to add a new class, .class2, to the same element to copy the style of the .class1 because I want to have the same kind of the .class1 and do slight changes to it while I still keep the .class1.

So, I want to know how to copy the style of the .class1 to .class2 easily.

In Bricks and Zion Builder(I didn’t mean to compare), I can easily copy and style the class and paste it into another.

Bricks (Copy)

Bricks (Paste)

We can also do the same for the style of the IDs(if any)

When I right-click the global class that is used for the element, it only shows Copy Name. That’s it.

Or, am I missing anything?

If this is not possible in Cwicly now, I will turn this thread to feature request.

Hi @jornes,

You can copy the styling of global classes in 2 different ways:

However we are planning to make this process easier by letting users copy a global class’ style from the Primary tab and improving the overall logic.

Please let me know if this helps!


Hi @Araminta

Thank you for the quick videos!
I can use the methods suggested by you for the time being. And, Yes. Copy/Paste the style from the primary tab is more straightforward for any user to access.

Looking forward to seeing that. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Can’t wait for a simpler execution for this.

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@Araminta, what’s the difference between Copy Element and Copy Styles when editing a global class?

Hi @sunny,

Copying an element will copy the global class itself (instead of having to create a new global class) whereas copying the styles allows you to apply that style to another class/block.

So you could sum it up to element = copy global class and styles = copy the global class’ styles.

Please let me know if that helps!


Hey @Araminta, thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

So I understand copying the class styles, but I’m still not totally clear what copying the element does.

It sounds like it copies the entire class (similar to duplicating), but where would I paste it?

Also wanted to piggyback on this one regarding copying styles from blocks to global classes. In the cases where I style an element, but then realize I want to use that in other places. Block linking is fine if on the same page, but if we start using it all over, it makes sense to make it global.

Don’t see a way to do this yet.

After doing some tests, I think I just learned that you can click Copy Styles in the element toolbar or navigator, and then paste them here:

I don’t think I realized this.


Any update on this?