Copy styles button for Shell in the class dialog not working


Clicking on the Copy Styles button for a Shell in the class dialog currently has no effect.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

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  1. Create one or more Shells
  2. Open the class dialog and click on the Copy Styles button for a Shell
  3. Note that there is no result

Side note: Paste styles appears to be working

Screenshots, screen recording, code snippet

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 22.42.01

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.4.1

Yes I have brought that up before but I didn’t word it properly:

@Louis, Copy is now functional but copying from a shell and pasting into a block doesn’t seem to add the Tailwind classes that are copied.

Scenario 1: When pasting into the Paste dialog after right clicking the + button and clicking Paste, the class names are pasted into the box but nothing else happens.

Scenario 2: When pasting into a block class directly from the class dialog using the hover action paste button and pasting into the Paste dialog, the dialog closes but no classes are added.

The only action that currently seems to work is right clicking the + button in the inspector with the active block / shell and then choosing copy all, then clicking on paste. This works perfectly.

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Currently, copied Shells can be pasted onto other existing Shells through the paste feature or directly pasted into the the class selector field to be applied to the block.

Definitely something we should extend to the class selector + as well as blocks in the class selector.