Copy/paste multiple blocks at a time

Gutenberg lets you select as many blocks as you’d like to copy from one location to another.

In Cwicly, the navigator only lets you select one element at a time. Even if you try to use the native Gutenberg list view to copy/paste multiple Cwicly blocks, it will still only paste just one of the blocks you copied.

Would be cool if you could copy/paste multiple blocks at a time :slight_smile:

Use cases:

  • copy sections from one page to another much quicker
  • copy a group of elements from one section into another on the same page (like a series of text blocks)

I think the copy paste system will go more towards Gutenberg native once Louis rework those unique block id for Cwicly blocks. Best benefit of adapting on Gutenberg is that you can reduce your codebase as the core improves.

Hi @sunny,

Thanks for pointing this out.
You should be able to copy/paste multiple Cwicly blocks with the native Gutenberg list view or with shift + click with

Last thing on the list is to integrate this inside the Cwicly navigator.


Was just testing this and love it!



I just wanted to confirm that the current version of cwicly can’t copy multiple blocks in the cwicly navigator?

Hi @grantambrose,

Please see this feature request:

Currently you can only copy/paste multiple blocks via the standard WordPress UI.

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thanks! hopefully not too far off

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