Continuing with Cwicly designs

Yes, i’m not giving up on cwicly, happy to continue designing sites until its last breath.

First time utilizing mobile first approach with tailwind in combination with cwicly design capabilities. This is a simple trades brochure one page design + contact page all done in a couple of days. I used zero custom css except for styling cf7 inputs.

Wish i could continue using cwicly for years to come



That looks lovely!
The only issue is the Slider creating whitespace below your footer:

Thank you! Yes i noticed it and got it fixed right away

@donlee100 I can confirm it is fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

A late night bug :smiley: over 4000px height was a bit excessive, it was set to percent instead of px :speak_no_evil:

Oops lol we’ve all done it :joy: