Conflict with FluentCRM Block-based Emails

Campaigns from FluentCRM are sending with an empty body when Cwicly is activated and the block editor is used to craft the email.

To reproduce, simply send a block-based campaign with Cwicly activated and another with it deactivated.

Apparently, some hook or filter that Cwicly uses to control the block editor output is conflicting with the FluentCRM sending mechanism with block-based emails. Classic editor and HTML emails send fine either way.

I’m confirming this on the latest versions of Cwicly (Version and FluentCRM (Version 2.5.95).

Hi @avunu,

Sorry for the late reply here.
We’ll be checking this when possible as it does seem unusual.

Thanks for the report.

@Louis were you able to check into this yet?


Hi @avunu,

Sorry for not getting back. I tried checking it out but didn’t seem to receive the email with/without Cwicly activated.

Will try and free a spot to look into it as soon as possible.

Thanks @Louis. The underlying sending functionality seems to work pretty well in combination with the FluentSMTP plugin BTW.

Hello @avunu,

Just tried this with the latest version of Cwicly and FluentSMTP creating a basic email template with blocks, no issue receiving the test email with the correct body and content.

Have you tried deactivating all the other plugins on your installation while keeping Cwicly and FluentSMTP?

I might add that Cwicly doesn’t modify the rendering of core blocks.