Conditions (interface issue)

Little thing that might be able to be improved:

Click on the condition button
in the new window, click on the +
a new window opens, close the window, without setting any new condition.
Both of the previously opened windows close and you are back to the main interface.
You didn’t set any condition, but the condition icon for that block becomes blue.

If you open the condition window again, you can see an empty condition that has been created.
If you deleted it, then, the condition button becomes grey again.

As no condition has been created, it can become confusing to create an empty condition and can make it difficult to debug in the long run when running into issues.

What do you think?
Thank you.

Using Cwicly 1.2.3 on WP 6.0.3

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Hello @JuGa,

Thanks for pointing this out.
With, we’ve made a specific change so that the icon only activates if you have set a condition value.

If you find this still needs deeper exploration, please let me know what you would expect to activate the icon.

Thanks for the report!


Thanks that is exactly what I was thinking of, thank you @Louis

@Louis just discovered that, while the eye icon doesn’t turn blue anymore when an empty condition is created, the empty condition still exists and the CD icon appears in the navigator.