Condition operateur >, < ,<=, >+ based on nb items in Repeater, Query, ACF

Hi all,

Would it be possible to add to the visibility conditions operators =, >, <, <= and >= to a value?
Then this would require new conditions such as the number of values set in a repeater or the number of results in a query.
I imagine it to be useful in multiple situations, for example, when the result of a repeater or a query is equal to 1, to change the grid or slider for a layout showing one item, or to be able to adjust the number of columns of a grid depending on the number of items.
Or to propose different layout depending on the value of a certain ACF field.

What do you guys think about that?

Maybe there is already another way to achieve the same result that I am not aware of?
Let me know,



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In the meantime we can create functions and use them for our conditions,
maybe we can even start writing and sharing a library of functions to be used for various case scenarios, trying to make them the most universal possible…

They could just exist in the Tips section for exemple.