Components Repeaters and Query Blocks

Hey all I spent yesterday trying to “componentize” the primary profile heading section of my website, which will be used on about 60% of the site. I thought it would be efficient to create a component for this and 3-4 other primary elements. This way, when I need to update the design, I would only have to do it once in these components. However, it seems I might be too ambitious as currently neither queries nor repeaters are supported inside of components. Has anyone else tried to do this or found a workaround? Globalized Tailwind styles would be helpful, but right now, my priority is to complete the site quickly.

Below you can see the header section i am working on that will make up a majority of the header sections of my single page templates. The page is not quite done yet but this is the general idea.

The repeater across the top can be easily removed and updated on a page-by-page basis. But as you can see, the section below it is all connected in one block, and I’ve also styled it and set it up for breakpoints. The two blocks on the right are related query items using ACF relationships to pull in the data. I’m wondering if there’s another way to bring in the data, like adding additional viability to the Single Template to include those items? I imagine not, though, as I would still need a query to indicate the relationship.

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Here is the link to the current single template front end page I am working on .